Solar Works by
Northern Construction

Welcome to Northern Construction, where we are committed to a sustainable future through our Solar Works services. As a leader in renewable energy solutions, we empower homes, businesses, and communities to harness the abundant power of the sun. From solar panel installations to comprehensive energy solutions, our team brings expertise, innovation, and a commitment to clean energy to every project.

Solar Panel Installation

Transform your property into a clean energy hub with our expert solar panel installations. Our team assesses your energy needs, designs a customized solar system, and seamlessly installs high-efficiency solar panels for optimal energy generation.

Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Experience energy independence with our off-grid solar solutions. We design and install systems that allow you to generate, store, and use solar power even in remote locations, providing a reliable and sustainable source of electricity.

On-Grid Solar Systems

Connect to the grid while reducing your carbon footprint with our on-grid solar systems. Generate clean energy and, when your system produces more than you need, contribute surplus electricity back to the grid, earning credits and promoting sustainability.